Beyond the Ups and Downs: Your Steady Logistics Partner

Market fluctuations in trucking and logistics are a given, much like the ebb and flow of the tides. These ups and downs, influenced by economic trends, seasonal demands, and global events, can significantly impact logistics operations and, by extension, your business success. As we reflect on these challenges, it’s crucial to underscore the importance of partnering with a logistics provider … Read More

Gear up for Growth: Essential Tips for Spring and Summer Freight Planning

As the seasons change, so do the dynamics of the trucking logistics market. Spring and summer bring about unique challenges and opportunities for businesses looking to optimize their freight planning. At Ascent Specialized, we’re here to ensure you’re fully prepared to navigate these seasonal shifts and position your business for growth. Here are our essential tips for effective spring and … Read More

The Road Less Troubled: Expert Strategies for Smooth Heavy Haul Operations

As we approach a busy season for heavy haul and over-dimensional freight, we at Ascent Specialized want to ensure you’re equipped with the knowledge and support to navigate your shipping projects smoothly. Our mission has always been to serve as your premier partner in trucking logistics, particularly in the specialized sectors of heavy haul, over-dimensional freight, and comprehensive project freight … Read More

A BIG Reputation

At Ascent Specialized, we are known for delivering on specialized transportation solutions all across North America. We are committed to being your premier transportation partner, no matter how big, heavy, or complicated your freight. Trust and Reputation Our commitment to ethical practices and excellence builds a reputation that attracts partners who share our values. Ascent has been named to Newsweek’s … Read More

Building Trust Through Partnership: The Ascent Specialized Way

When it comes to trucking and logistics, every day brings new challenges. We at Ascent Specialized have always believed that the strongest business foundations are built on trust and mutual respect. Here, our partners aren’t just associates; they are part of our extended family. This belief shapes every decision we make and every relationship we nurture. Partnerships: The Family Way … Read More

Stay Ahead In A Volatile Market With Ascent Specialized

When it comes to your business, freight management is not just a requirement; it’s a strategy. We recognize the unique challenges you face when searching for trucks and booking freight. At Ascent Specialized, we understand these challenges intimately. As we prepare for the up coming season, our focus remains steadfast on assuring capacity for our customers in a volatile market.  … Read More

Key Ingredients for a Successful Logistics Partnership

In today’s rapidly changing and interconnected business landscape, companies must constantly seek ways to optimize their supply chain and streamline logistics operations. The role of third-party logistics (3PL) providers has become increasingly crucial to meet increasing demand. Successful 3PL partnerships built on communication and experience have emerged as game-changers as businesses strive for efficiency and cost-effectiveness. With over 20 years … Read More

4 Spring and Summer Trends Affecting Transportation Costs

Transportation logistics for your product and equipment can be complicated, with many different factors that affect cost and quality from your services providers. Whether you need help with the handling and shipping of your heavy haul loads, the temperature-controlled delivery of special products, or just help with warehouse and distribution management, we’ve got you covered. Here are 4 trends to … Read More

A Look at Ascent Specialized: What Makes Us Different?

Here’s an inside look into who we are, what we do, and why we do it. Learn about Ascent Specialized history and our plans for the future. Posted by: Dave Demuth on November 05, 2020 Who is Ascent Specialized? You don’t have to look any further than our website to find out who we are and what we do. Here’s a glimpse: Ascent Specialized, … Read More

Partnership Spotlight: Padget Technologies

Here’s the story of how we began a partnership with one of our newest customers, Padget Technologies. Posted by: Dave Demuth on October 08, 2020 What do you do when your regular carrier isn’t getting the job done the way you need it? Sometimes it’s time for a conversation, and other times, it’s time to find a partner who can get the … Read More