4 Spring and Summer Trends Affecting Transportation Costs

Transportation logistics for your product and equipment can be complicated, with many different factors that affect cost and quality from your services providers. Whether you need help with the handling and shipping of your heavy haul loads, the temperature-controlled delivery of special products, or just help with warehouse and distribution management, we’ve got you covered. Here are 4 trends to consider when managing your transportation this summer.

Agriculture and Construction Project Increases
Spring and Summer markets bring increases in demand for agriculture transportation and construction
materials and equipment. The increase in demand requires careful strategy and planning to control increases in costs. Partnering with an experienced logistics provider can help you to avoid costly

Permit Requirements
Permit rules and regulations are constantly changing and vary across all states and regions in North America. Pulling the correct permits for transporting oversized, heavy, or bordercrossing loads can take days or weeks. Consulting an expert transportation provider can ensure your freight meets all
of the necessary requirements for timely delivery.

Fraudulent Carriers
An increase in fraudulent insurance certificates from unvetted carriers is trending across North America. Working with trusted logistics partners with fully vetted carriers will ensure the safety of your freight.

Gas and Fuel Price Increases
Fuel price fluctuation is a large factor in determining your costs of transportation. Working with a trusted logistic provider to negotiate a contracted rate will take the guesswork out of pricing.