Building lasting partnerships with reliable carriers

At Ascent Specialized, matching carriers to our customer’s loads is a priority. To maintain our high standard of quality service we look for reliable, trustworthy, and experienced carriers throughout the country. In that process, we build relationships with carriers and understand their needs and capabilities.

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Ascent Regional Dispatch

Ascent Specialized is always open to partnering with quality carriers with a variety of trailers available to handle North American cargo moves.

When you partner with Ascent Specialized, you can expect confirmed quality freight, strong communication, and simple prompt EFD payment processing, including a quick pay option if you choose.

Follow our link to sign upthen contact one of our regional dispatchers and let us know what lanes you are looking for. We

will reach out to you when opportunities exist to help keep your trucks moving!

Ascent Heavy Haul Dispatch

Our customers come to us to transport their Over dimensional Loads, with the trust we get them loaded and delivered on time and safely, meeting all the load’s requirements. With these expectations our Heavy Haul Dept. is always looking for the right carriers to come on board with over-dimensional experience and the trailers to move Heavy Haul Loads.

Ascent Intermodal Dispatch

With the Intermodal Market’s current conditions, our customers are looking for a full-service option to support the volumes of containers along with a company able to react quickly to the everchanging arrivals of their shipments. They trust Ascent Specialized to do everything possible to stay in front of changes so their freight can still be completed on a timely basis without the added cost associated with not moving the containers on time. The Ascent Specialize team is looking for more partner carriers that will work closely to fulfill these orders. Our team will watch the upcoming availability of the container and stay in contact with the carriers, so they are aware of the readiness and are able to react when available. We are searching for carriers that will put service first with an eye on controlling added charges whenever possible.
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Our Promise

Ascent Specialized lives by the Golden Rule – treat others how you want to be treated. For us, this means we work hard to make life easier for both the carrier and the customer. We do this by having one point of contact and good communication leading up to and throughout the job. Doing this helps minimize any surprises and saves a driver time, so they don't show up before a load is ready. We would love for you to join our team of carriers.

To become a Carrier

Ascent Specialized works with carriers across the country and borders. We are always looking for newly qualified carriers to add to our roster. Sign up today to be a preferred carrier for Ascent.

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Share Your Carrier Location

Help us know where your carriers are by adding us to your email blast for carrier location and load capacity. This will help us connect loads to carriers faster, getting your driver back on the road and profitable.


West Region

Emma 8-5 Ext.7931 12:30 (L)

Midwest Region

Felicia 7:30-4:30 Ext. 7930 11:30(L)

Northeast Region

Austin 8-5 Ext. 7904 12:30 (L)

Dan M 7-4 Ext. 7918 11:30 (L)

Southeast Region

Ryan 7:30-4:30 Ext. 7926 12:30 (L)

Duane 6:30-3:30 Ext. 7905 11:30 (L)

Brad 8-5; Ext7923. 12:30 9L)

Intermodal Dept.

Holly R- 7-4 Ext. 7935 12:30 (L)

Lisa  8-5 Ext. 7909 11:30 (L)

Diane 7-4 ext 7933 12:00 (L)

Heavy Haul Manager

Eric 7-4 Ext. 7939 11:30 (L)

Heavy Haul Assistants

Lee 7:-4: Ext. 7911 12:30 (L)

Operations Manager

Luke 7:30-4:30 Ext. 7919 12:30 (L)