Partnership Spotlight: Padget Technologies

Here’s the story of how we began a partnership with one of our newest customers,

Padget Technologies.

Posted by: Dave Demuth on October 08, 2020

What do you do when your regular carrier isn’t getting the job done the way you need it? Sometimes it’s time for a conversation, and other times, it’s time to find a partner who can get the job done. That’s how we began working with one of our newest customers, Padget Technologies.

Meet Padget Technoligies

Padget Technologies is a robotics and automation integration company producing custom production solutions for manufacturing. Located in the heart of the Midwest in Ceder Falls, IA, Padget Technologies has built its reputation by providing unique engineering solutions for research and development, manufacturing, and testing. They offer:

  • Robotics integration
  • Automated solutions
  • Test stands
  • Custom engineered solutions
  • Palletizing and welding solutions
  • Inspection and sorting services

And on a semi-regular basis, they require logistics and freight services to transport their products and offerings to their customers. Up until recently, Padget had a carrier partner who was their go-to for all their shipping needs. But that was until recently.

The Problem

In July 2020, Padget had a load that landed outside their existing carrier’s capabilities. Specifically, the carrier was struggling to take on load insurance for a $650,000 cargo load. When Ascent Specialized agent Arnold learned about the issue, there was only one thing he had to say: that’s no problem for us.

“That’s no problem for us.”

—Arnold, Ascent Specialized

The Solution

Padget gave the quote to Ascent Specialized, and Arnold got to work. Able to rely on the strong, trusting carrier relationships Ascent Specialized is known for, Arnold quickly secured insurance for the full cargo value.

As Arnold coordinated a trusted carrier partner to take on the freight, secured the necessary permits, and monitored the load until it was safely delivered, he kept in constant communication with Pamela Padget of Padget Technologies. Everyone involved was thrilled to hear when the load was delivered — on time and according to specification.

The Partnership

Since that first load, Padget Technologies has relied on Arnold and the team at Ascent Specialized to handle three more loads and decided they will work with Ascent Specialized as their preferred partner for 3PL logistics moving forward.

“I think the most important qualities working with Arnold Thoms and Ascent Specialized was I felt from the very beginning I was taken care of. I never had to call and question anything.

Arnold kept me informed on when the truck was going to be at shipper to time he was at shipper to when he was loaded, he even sent pictures of the load once it was on the trailer. That was something no other carrier has ever done for me.

He kept in contact with me and the driver and receiver while the truck was on their way to delivery. He told me when the driver would be at delivery and also called me once he was at delivery and when the driver was empty and sent me a copy of signed POD right away.

This is why I will always use Arnold Thoms and Ascent Specialized for all my loads moving forward. They made me feel that my freight is their freight and it was just as important to them as the partnership we have.”

—Pam, Padget Technologies

At Ascent Specialized, our team has great carrier relationships and decades of experience providing specialized logistics, but that’s not our only focus. We know the importance of caring for and understanding each of our customers. Their wants, needs, and goals are a primary focus as we coordinate logistics. And with our dedication to communication throughout the whole process, we never leave our customers wondering about the status of their shipment.

On every shipment, our team takes great care to ensure cargo is handled and delivered with safety, efficiency, compliance, and speed. Our experience, track record, and relationships enable us to say “yes,” even when others say “no.” And while we never discriminate loads based on size, weight, or value, we do love a challenge.

Thank you, Pam, for allowing us to share the story of how our partnership began. We look forward to working with you in the years to come!