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We ship what the others won’t. Whether it’s agricultural equipment, windmill components, crated machinery or some other type of specialized freight, we’ll get it from Point A to Point Z.
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From farm to market, work with a premier partner that understands what it takes to move machinery when and where you need it. 

When it comes to the transportation of your farm equipment and products, many factors play into successful delivery. An experienced logistics provider can bring the expertise required for safe and timely execution.

Manufacturing and Production

Your customers expect consistency.

When managing volume shipments, capacity, scheduling, and reliability are key components to utilizing a reliable carrier network. Put your faith in an experienced team who knows how to manage and source qualified carriers, strategize the timing of shipments, and carefully monitor shipments and schedules.

Cranes and Construction

Heavy lifting equipment requires heavy haulers with experience and dedication.

When your construction projects require large, oversized, or over-dimensional equipment, you need a logistics partner that understands what’s on the line. To successfully transport a cranes, construction materials and equipment to its next site, it is critical to rely on an experienced logistics team.

Oil and Gas

Oil, gas, and mining equipment requires equipment designed to move it safely and efficiently. 

When it comes to the transportation of your mining equipment, premium care from experienced specialists is essential. Rely on Ascent Specialized as your heavy haul, oversized and over-dimensional logistics provider for reliable execution of every project. 



 When going international, work with a premium partner that knows how to do it right.

Ocean ports or rail yards, project cargo and intermodal containers, and international cargo requires expert strategy and experience to ensure smooth and timely delivery.