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Mid America Overseas

Global transportation provider, specializing in ocean and air freight since 1976

As a global provider in air, ocean, and brokerage logistics and transportation solutions, Mid America Overseas partners with Ascent Specialized for strategic consultation, expertise, and premier service for specialized logistics solutions.

Background and Evaluation

Mid America overseas is a leading provider in transportation provider, with 450,000 square feet of customs bonded warehousing facilities. With increasing demand, Mid America struggled to find reliable carriers to distribute its high­capacity shipments. Carriers were providing minimal communication, under-delivering on service, and lack of experience, adding delays in distribution and added costs. Mid America needed a consistent and dependable carrier solution for the execution of its high-demand transportation needs.

At A Glance


• High capacity shipment requirements
• Complexity in coordination of delivery
• Consistency and dependability


• Strategic consulting
• Customized solutions
• Reliable execution
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Mid America Overseas relied on Ascent Specialized to provide expert consultation, strategic planning, and its vast network of fully vetted carriers. Ascent analyzed Mid America's process and specialized needs to provide perfect fit carriers.

Ascent Specialized understood that consistent communication to all parties was an essential part of providing premier service to execute high capacity distribution. The experienced team at Ascent anticipated potential problems and coordinated a process for clear communication, consistency, and reliability in execution.


As a trusted partner, Ascent Specialized moved over 500+ loads for Mid America Overseas in 2021 and continues to grow. Ascent Specialized is proud to be Mid America's logistics partner, providing consistent and reliable carrier solutions for all of its logistics needs.

Every Shipment Counts

We will provide you with top-notch logistics and brokerage services.

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